Empowering Your Data-Driven Future

In the fast-paced and ever-evolving startup ecosystem, data stands as the cornerstone of innovation, growth, and competitive differentiation. At Midbrain, we specialize in unlocking the transformative power of data for startups. Founded by Arman and Nate, who bring a wealth of expertise in data science, engineering, and mathematics, our mission goes beyond traditional consultancy — Midbrain is your strategic partner dedicated to unlocking the full potential of your data.

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Why Midbrain?

Our approach is designed to empower startups with the insights like A/B testing, attribution models and other data related approaches which are needed to navigate market complexities, accelerate growth, and carve out a niche in their respective industries. By partnering with Midbrain, startups gain more than just a service provider; they gain an ally equipped to turn their data into a strategic asset that fuels innovation, customer engagement, and sustainable success. Embark on your data-driven journey with Midbrain and transform your startup's potential into tangible outcomes.

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Our Expertise

Data Engineering Practice

We specialize in crafting robust data infrastructures, pipelines, lakes, and warehouses, ensuring seamless data operations and laying the groundwork for agility and scalability.

Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

Transforming raw data into actionable insights is our forte. Through advanced exploration, visualization, and reporting, we empower businesses to understand their performance, customer behavior, and market trends.

Data Science and Machine Learning

At the forefront of innovation, we develop advanced predictive models and recommendation systems, enabling our clients to unlock opportunities and stay at the forefront of their industries.

What we Offer

Midbrain is committed to transforming how businesses perceive and utilize their data. Our vision is crystallized into the following six core objectives:

Value Creation through Data for Competitive Advantage

By effectively leveraging data, we aim to transform it into your most valuable asset, driving business strategy and establishing a competitive edge in the market. This involves providing actionable insights that enhance operational efficiency and competitive advantage.

Advanced Data Warehousing Solutions

Organizing and structuring data is crucial for informed decision-making, with robust data warehouses serving as the backbone. This ensures data accessibility and reliability across your organization.

Commercial Intelligence and Go-to-Market Strategies

We empower B2B companies to refine their go-to-market strategies and embrace Product-Led Growth (PLG) by leveraging commercial intelligence. This drives efficient strategy setting, enhances customer acquisition, and improves product adoption for sustainable growth.

Data-Driven Product Growth with Data Science

Utilizing data science and machine learning, we inform product design and user experience enhancements to meet market needs. Supported by analytics and predictive modeling, this approach adapts to changing customer behaviors and preferences.

Customer Success and Marketing Attribution

Enhancing customer success involves prioritizing high-value customers and integrating a marketing attribution model. This maximizes ARR and provides insights into marketing ROI, enabling targeted customer acquisition and retention strategies.

Data Governance Excellence and Organizational Visibility

Implementing stringent data governance protocols ensures the integrity of KPIs/OKRs and fosters a culture of continuous improvement. This enhances visibility and promotes data-driven decision-making at all levels of your organization.

What Our Partners Say

At Midbrain, we're proud of the strong relationships we've built with our clients and the impactful results we've achieved together. Our dedication to excellence in data consultancy has empowered businesses across Sweden and beyond, driving innovation and transforming data into actionable insights.

Eduard Hayriyan

Europcar Armenia

“Our collaboration with Midbrain has been transformative, elevating our pricing strategies and analytics capabilities to new heights. Midbrain's innovative approach in developing the Europcar Price Tracker empowered us with deep insights into market trends and pricing dynamics.”

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